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Volume 19 No. 3 • April 2016

Saline Solution May Be Better Than Soap For Cleaning Certain Wounds

According to a report in the FEB 2016 Nature Medicine in their “Biomedical Briefing” section, there has been a study of 2,447 individuals whose wounds (a fractured bone had penetrated the skin) were cleaned either by saline solution or Castile soap. While 14.5% of those whose wound was cleaned by the soap required follow-up surgery, only 11.6% of those receiving the saline cleaning did. This is a small difference but saline solution is cheap so why not use it in place of soap. The doctors were happy with the results because when you look at the large number of people requiring the cleaning of wounds, the small difference would add up to a lot of people.

The study appeared in New England Journal of Medicine 373:2629-41 (December 2015).

The Nature Medicine report said that bacteria had been observed to grow back faster in a wound after soap treatment as compared to saline, though they did not know why that would be the case.

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