The Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw®
Life Extension NewsTM
Volume 19 No. 3 • April 2016

In the Political Realm


Fear seems to be showing up pervasively among the populace. As an example, December of 2015 had the all time record for background checks on Americans in advance of their purchasing firearms. In the first two months of 2016, 5,218,000 background checks were processed. (, Mar. 6, 2016).

Might those who fear some group of “others” be looking for somebody to punish these “others”? One might also surmise that the more fear, the more desire for punishment. In a world of mounting fear, the growing danger of the rise of a societal ethic based upon punishment is alarming.

... civilization means, above all, an unwillingness to inflict unnecessary pain. Within the ambit of that definition, those of us who heedlessly accept the commands of authority cannot yet claim to be civilized men.

— Harold J. Laski, “The Dangers of Obedience” (in Stanley Milgram’s classic Obedience To Authority (Harper & Row, 1975)

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