The Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw®
Life Extension NewsTM
Volume 19 No. 3 • April 2016

Tragedy Resolved by Dietary Supplement

It is amazing how much of the science and technology discussed in our Life Extension, A Practical Scientific Approach is still just as useful today as it was in 1982, when the book was published. We include here one such useful item. It involved a case in which we acted as consultants to the owner of a valuable stud racehorse that simply could not reach orgasm.

We advised them to supplement the horse with niacin and histidine. The niacin releases histamine, required for orgasm, and histidine is the precursor to histamine. As we described the results in our book, “[t]he horse’s handlers told us later that the niacin worked beautifully for a few days but then he began having trouble again. We pointed out that the horse might not be making enough histamine and suggested they supplement his diet with histidine (which is made into histamine) and vitamin B6 (required for this conversion).” They told us later that the combination worked great. In fact, they said that they had to restrain the horse, who was masturbating so frequently that they were afraid he would injure himself!

Incredibly, we were also told later (though this was not reported in the case history that we included in LIFE EXTENSION, pg. 754 of the hardcover edition) that the horse’s caretakers were using so much of it themselves that they were constantly asking us to send them some more. Which we did.

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