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Volume 19 No. 3 • April 2016

Recent Research on Sexuality Reveals That Women Prefer Larger Penises

Before we go any further, let us assure you that the authors averred that there was no funding for this study; perhaps the authors paid for it themselves. If so, nobody can complain that it was a waste of their tax money.

The authors managed to write a 17 page paper on this subject. Moreover, they claimed to have used a “new research method” to determine what size penis women preferred. The new research method turned out to be 3D models of penises, rather than the 2D photos said to be used in other people’s research. The 3D penis models used were, however, a bit, er, odd. You see, they looked like cylinders without any resemblance to actual penises at all. The authors said that there were no “mathematical descriptions available to accurately represent normal proportions of more complex penile structure” and that women might have a negative response to the appearance of an actual penis.

Hmmmm. Anyway, Figure 2 showed the model penises, which looked about as sexy as you might expect from the description above. Also, they were colored blue to avoid any possible racial connotation. The authors hypothesized that women might prefer larger penises for a one night stand as compared to a long term relationship since a larger penis might be perceived as more masculine, possibly preferable for a short term affair. The authors cite a reference that supports the contention that women prefer more masculine partners for a short term sexual relationship.

The results, using the 3D models, were that women preferred a larger penis (especially a larger circumference) for a one time partner, but the larger size preferred was only slightly larger than average and, in fact, women’s preferences for both relationship types was slightly larger than average. (Presumably a survey of erect penises determined what was “average.”*)

* One wonders how the penises were measured, though. Did they use actual penises attached to actual men or the inferior 2D photos alluded to in their paper?

The authors conclude by noting that “[t]his first use of 3D stimuli to assess preferences is promising.”

Just in case you wondered...

Prause et al. Women’s preference for penis size: A new research method using selection among 3D models. PLoS One, Sept. 2, 2015

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