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The Mental Energy Revolution
by Dr. Joyce Block

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2. Ketones can overcome insulin resistance by mimicking insulin both of which offer robust protection against a multitude of acute and ____ neurological diseases. Clue: a phenomenon which could prompt you to say, “Oh, no, not again!”

3. In patients with Alzheimer’s disease, administration of MCTs improved memory AND the degree of improvement ____ with blood levels of beta-hydroxybutyrate. Clue: squared with

8. The ability of ketones to mimic the metabolic and energetic effects of insulin demonstrates that ketones can overcome the effects of insulin ____. Clue: what we need to keep us from accepting ideas without evidence

9. Benefitting from a ketogenic diet without having to limit your carbohydrates is referred to as the C-8 ____. Clue: what a problem longs for

10. A major reason for ____ matter degradation in Alzheimer’s (and also in aging, though to a less severe extent) is that with age, the brain gradually becomes unable to acquire the amount of glucose it needs to provide the necessary energy. Clue: the “color” used to describe the brain part called the “subway of the brain”

12. Professor Coyote, the champion of scientific sleuthing, living in the background of this puzzle, is the invention of ____. Clue: two first names, no spaces


1. Peroxynitrite is a major factor in ____ diseases and in painful conditions as well. It is also a major damaging agent in heart failure. Clue: diseases that occur when the immune system mistakenly triggers inflammation in the absence of infection

2. There is a vast difference between supplementation with ketone bodies and being on a ketogenic diet as ketogenic diets can lead to an elevation of blood ____ and triglycerides. Clue: when someone over 50 asks you what your numbers are, they probably mean this

4. It’s particularly important for the brain to have a rapid source of energy which is principally delivered in the form of ____. Clue: simple sugar

5. The author (Veech, 2013) explains: “… feeding a ketone ester diet may be of benefit in the treatment of obesity since it decreased brain malonyl CoA, an important metabolic determinant of ____. Clue: food desire

6. There is also evidence for the clinical use of ketone bodies (obtained by ingesting MCTs) to treat neurodegenerative ____. Clue: diseases

7. The great news is that nearly any diet can be converted to a ketogenic diet by the addition of a modest amount of ____. Clue: a dietary fat found in some foods, particularly tropical oils such as coconut and palm oils (pl.)

11. One of the beneficial properties of MCTs is the ability to provide a rapid source of energy for cells including those of the ____. Clue: what the Scarecrow wanted


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