With Grapeseed Extract you can …
Stave Off Hypertension
by Dr. Joyce Block

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5. A study to determine whether grape seed extract (GSE) lowers blood pressure in BP in patients resulted in the ___ and diastolic blood pressures being significantly lower after treatment with GSE. Clue: the top number in a BP reading

7. As we age, blood pressure (BP)—the force of blood in the circulatory system—tends to ___. Clue: ___and shine, a biblical expression from Isaiah

9. When your heart beats, arteries ___ as they fill with blood. When your heart relaxes, the arteries contract. Clue: what happens to human egos when they conquer a limitation

12. The risk ratio for many diseases rises even when BP is only slightly higher than what is ____. Clue: what most parents want their children to be even at the risk of stifling creativity

13. Recent ___ interest in phenolic acids results from their potential protective role—through ingestion of fruits, vegetables, and teas—against oxidative damage diseases (coronary heart disease, stroke, and cancers). Clue: to search again

14. BP is the ___ exerted by circulating blood upon the walls of blood vessels. Clue: “stressure” (Urban Dictionary’s take)


1. Even prehypertension (PH) — a medical classification for BP elevated above normal, but not to the level considered _________ can increase undesirable effects. Clue: high BP

2. Grape seed procyanidins extract (GSPE) was tested on blood pressure, along with diet and ___ modifications, resulting in blood pressure normalization in 93% of those on the higher dose of 300 mg. Clue: the way in which a person lives

3. It’s the rhythm between the heart and the arteries that powers your ___ system and keeps your blood flowing. Clue: circular connections (adv.)

4. Phenolic acids are plant metabolites widely spread throughout the plant ___. Clue: a category in biological taxonomy

6. Our modern diets are likely to contain far less potassium, far more sodium, more acid forming nutrients, and less base forming nutrients than those enjoyed by our ___. Clue: predecessors

8. If your BP rises beyond a certain point, you are more likely to have increased risk for heart attacks, strokes, congestive heart ____, and kidney disease. Clue: what some reframing linguists tell you is an opportunity to learn

10. An interesting note on the subject of BP lowering agents is that the composition of GSE is very similar to ___. Clue: a drink that warms your tummy and your hands

11. Technically, PH is defined by a systolic BP (SBP) between 120 and 139 mmHg, or diastolic BP (DBP) between 80 and 89 mmHg, or ___. Clue: deux (French)


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