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Quercetin Helps Prevent Gout
by Dr. Joyce Block

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2. With the South Carolina University study, quercetin has entered a new arena of health benefits which its apparent ability to enhance the value of exercise on fitness. True or False?

7. The cause of gout is a combination of ______ diet, genetic factors, and kidney malfunction. Clue: Rotten.

9. ______ cells stop dividing and secrete compounds that both harm surrounding tissue structure and raise the odds of nearby cells also becoming senescent. Clue: The answer is found in the pre-clue.

10. Kawai et al showed that Q3GA (oxidative quercetin metabolites) actually targeted and accumulated in the ______ aorta of atherosclerotic plaques, primarily colocalizing with macrophage-derived foam cells. Clue: Damaged.

12. Currently, gout is an increasingly common ______ disease. Clue: The style of your life: from flashy garish to restrained conventional including everything beyond and inbetween.

14. Pearson & ______, in Life Extension News, discuss the Kawai et al paper in which experimental evidence supports a novel mechanism whereby dietary flavonoids (quercetin as the prime flavonoid) protects against cardiovascular disease. Clue: Scientific sleuth, expert in anti-aging research, writer, and co-author of seven books.

15. Foods high in ______ contribute to gout as they break down to form uric acid. Clue: An organic compound found in large amounts in organ meat, poultry, peas, and alcohol.


1. A recent study demonstrated that daily supplementation of 500 mg ______ for 4 weeks significantly reduces elevated plasma uric acid concentrations in healthy males, thus decreasing the risk for gout.Clue: A flavanoid found in onions, tea, and apples.

3. Just as ______ has been shown to increase expression of PGC-1a, so too did quercetin. Clue: A polyphenol compound found in certain plants and in red wine that has antioxidant properties.

4. The Kawai et al study suggested that the quercetin ______ might prevent the development of foam cells and, hence, this might be a major source of quercetin’s (and other flavonoids’) protective effects against atherosclerosis. Clue: A substance formed in or necessary for metabolism.

5. One of the most pervasive aspects of aging is the loss of ______. Clue: Opposite of weakness.

6. If you take a daily total of 130 mg of quercetin daily, it’s about three times as much as would be found in a ______ vegetarian diet rich in quercetin. Clue: A word that the uninformed confuse with “good,” thereby safe. Begins with n.

8. The researchers anticipate that the so-called ______ will work in humans; thus this new therapy could truly be an “anti-aging” intervention. Clue: Among the class of senotherapeutics, and refers to small molecules that can selectively induce death of senescent cells.

11. A brilliantly gifted painter, sculptor, architect and engineer, ______, suffered from gout. Clue: This man wrote: “Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.” Clue: Last name.

13. ______ cells, are a major constituent of atherosclerotic lesions and a source of proinflammatory molecules that promote the development of these lesions. Clue: Sometimes seen forming on the crest of the waves in a turbulent sea.

14. Researchers from several universities and research centers have taken note that the health span of mice is enhanced by killing senescent cells using a transgenic ______ gene. Clue: Self- destruction.


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