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Propionyl L-Carnitine and Theanine

by Dr. Joyce Block

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4 L-carnitine was associated with a 27% reduction in all-cause mortality, a 65% reduction in ventricular ___, a 40% re- duction in angina symptoms in heart attack patients. Clue: Irregular heartbeats

8 A 2013 Chinese study showed propionyl-L-carnitine significantly prolonged the maximum walking time and walking ___ of patients with peripheral arterial disease. Clue: When you do something thoroughly and persistently, I call it “going the ___.”

10 Theanine also elicits improvements in cognitive function including learning and ___, in human and animal studies. Clue: The mind’s storage closet

11 PLC currently has therapeutic ___ for treating cardiovascular disorders, since it plays a key role in transporting fatty acids across the mitochondrial membrane for oxidation and energy production. Clue: Promise

13 A study found that ___ was associated with significant reduction in death from all causes and a highly significant reduction in ventricular arrhythmias and angina attacks following a heart attack. Clue: Take heart, heart attack survivors, but better yet take this amino acid.

14 What is found present almost exclusively in green and white teas and has recently been discovered in a clinical trial to be effective for patients with major depressive disorders? Clue: An amino acid in teas


1 The Latin verb ___ meaning “to limp” memorializes the infirmity of Emperor Claudius. Clue: Medicare without the medi and with a Roman Emperor.

2 When a condition is due to a walking-related, aching, cramping on-and-off pain caused by insufficient blood flow to the legs, it’s called _____ claudication. Clue: On again off again

3 When pain in the legs begins after a certain distance but stops when the patient stops and rests, it’s a cardinal symptom of peripheral artery disease or ___. Clue: The acronym

5 A study indicates that 0.3% theanine administration facilitates neurogenesis in the developing ___ followed by enhanced recognition memory. Clue: Thought of as the center of emotion

6 Today risk factors for PAD include smoking, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, diabetes, high cholesterol, and being older than age ___. Clue: Written word for numeral in question

7 Among theanine’s more documented effects has been its apparent anxiolytic and calming effect due to its up-regulation of ___ neurotransmitters. Clue: Hindering, action-preventing

9 Unlike conventional sleep inducers, theanine is not a ___ but promotes good quality of sleep through anxiolysis. Clue: Laid back, ready to sleep pill

12 In those with congestive heart failure, carnitine increased exercise capacity, improved heart function, and increased ___ times. Clue: To live or exist.


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