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Hydrogen S l o w s Aging
by Dr. Joyce Block

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2. Hydrogen ____ are thought to have occurred first during the “virtual moment.” Clue: an atom or molecule with a net electric charge (pl.).
6. The life extension scientists who made hydrogen therapy feasible are Durk Pearson & ___ Shaw. Clue: Greek baby name meaning defender of men; protector of mankind.
7. One of the greatest events in the history of life “as we know it” was the advent of the eukaryote, a nucleus-based one-celled ___. Clue: a single-celled life form
9. Many billions of years after the Big Bang, one of the greatest events in the history of life “as we know it” was the advent of the ____. Clue: a nucleus-based one-celled organism.
11. Without ___, complex life forms like animals almost certainly never would have emerged. Clue: a form of bacteria necessary to the forming of the eukaryote cell, a nucleus based one-celled organism.
12. ___ is able to diffuse extremely rapidly into tissue and “effectively reaches the nucleus and mitochondria,” suggesting “preventive effects on lifestyle-related diseases, cancer, and the aging process” (Ohta, 2011). Clue: (H2)
14. The longer-chain ___ have a longer transit time as compared to the shorter chain ones, which is likely to be advantageous in terms of reaching the lower digestive tract for fermentation by gut microbes. Clue: a polymer of fructose molecules.
15. Through the game-changing endosymbiotic event—the partnership of eukaryotes and mitochondria—all ___ life was able to emerge. Clue: not simple.


1. In the Kamimura 2011 study, body fat was substantially ___ in the mice consuming water 100% saturated with hydrogen, as were levels of insulin and ___. Clue: opposite of higher (a good thing).
3. Mitochondria are a form of ____. Clue: why most people wash their hands before eating, etc.
4. Long-chain fructooligosaccharides are a food (____) for gut bacteria that produce hydrogen (Rumessen, 1998). Clue: a nondigestible food ingredient that promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the intestines.
5. Hydrogen therapy for the prevention and treatment of a variety of diseases—particularly those associated with ROS (reactive oxygen species) and inflammation—has become a ___ research subject. Clue: passionately enthusiastic.
8. Mitochondria are “original” organelles that ___ within our cells where they help generate ATP, the energy currency of life. Clue: live.
10. Most antioxidants are not able to enter the mitochondria, where much ___ is generated, but hydrogen may be a good way to overcome that problem as it easily enters mitochondria. Clue: reactive oxygen species (acronym).
13. Some supplement strategies are known to ____ disease onset, at least in part by decreasing oxidative damage levels. Clue: slow down.


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