Consultation and Panel

Dr. Dean,

Thank you for the response and the wealth of information. Is there any way I could come in for a consultation with you and run a panel through your practice?


Hi, Matt,

Absolutely. Please give us a call: 850-912-6981. Do you have insurance? Although we don't accept insurance, we use a lab in Virginia (True Health Diagnostics) that accepts whatever your insurance pays, and does not collect from patients. We charge $25 for the blood drawing and processing fee. If you don't have insurance, we can order a less comprehensive (and less expensive) panel from a local lab.

The charge for the first appointment is $150. That will also include your prescriptions, if determined to be appropriate.

Hope to see you soon,

Ward Dean, MD
6708 Plantation Rd, C1
Pensacola, FL 32504
PH: (850) 912-6981
Fax: (850) 912-6983

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