OH, My Aching Back
Take D and See
by Dr. Joyce Block

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5. An article found in Life Enhancement’s ___ Page search discusses how Vitamin D has recently been found to stimulate the production of other immune system peptides that play a crucial role in maintaining healthy immune activity. Clue: There’s no place like it.

7 . _____ (a sensation of tingling, tickling, pricking, or burning of a person’s skin with no apparent physical cause) may be caused by hypovitaminosis D. Clue: Clue found in the previous clue above (borrowed from Professor Coyote’s way of embedded clue sleuthing).

8 . Who has been the primary founder, scientific writer, and intellectual leader of Life Enhancement? Clue: First name.

9 . Musculo-_____ pain affects the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones—including chronic low back pain. Clue: The body frame.

10 . Vitamin D plays a ___ role in bone metabolism and neuro­muscular function. Clue: Sometimes your partner is referred to as your “other” with this caveat.

12 . In the French/Moroccan study, the rheumatoic arthritis patients in the vitamin D group (n = 59) had higher pain relief than the ___ group. Clue: The group in an experiment or study that does not receive treatment.

13 . ___ researchers set out to determine the prevalence of hypovitaminosis D and its contribution to chronic low back pain. Clue: The word that is not politically correct to use when referring to Native Americans.

14 . Vitamin D deficiency causes rickets in children and will precipitate and exacerbate osteopenia, osteoporosis, and fractures in ___. Clue: Those who need to be in charge in helping children to get sufficient Vitamin D.


1. A significantly lower prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in the ___ season. Clue: The starting of the solstice.

2 . Reversing vitamin D deficiency (_____ D) can improve chronic musculo-skeletal pain—a type of pain that affects the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones—including chronic low back pain. Clue: Clinical handle for Vitamin D deficiency.

3 . In a recent French/Moroccan study, researchers found that there is a higher percentage of patients with ____ vitamin D deficiency in early axial spondyloarthritis. Clue: Serious.

4 . Recent data show that vitamin D plays an important preventive role in inflammatory and lifestyle-related chronic disorders like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune disorders, ___, and some cancers. Clue: Low mood.

6 . Patients with a diagnosis of ____ participated in the Indian study to determine the prevalence of hypovitaminosis D and its relationship to back pain. Clue: Chronic low back pain (acronym).

8 . Multivariate regression analysis found that men were significantly more prone to have deficiency as compared to ___. Clue: Female (plural).

11 . According to Dr. Alan ___, “In the absence of adequate sun exposure, at least 2,000 IUs and as high as 10,000 IUs of vitamin D3/day are needed to achieve the highest vitamin D benefits.” Clue: A person who talks a lot minus one of the “b’s” in the middle.


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