Strength Like Santa
Carnitine Prevents Frailty
by Dr. Joyce Block

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5. An article found in Life Enhancement’s ___ Page search discusses how Vitamin D has recently been 1. For Santa, what is a career-ending condition? Clue: Geriatric syndrome and thanks for taking care of your “symbolic” immortality.

5. The 2003 study showed significant improvements in the following parameters: total ___ mass, total muscle mass, total cholesterol, LDLC, HDL-C triglycerides apoA1 and apoB. Clue: When a woman asks a man or woman how she looks in the dress, I warn them not to say, "You look ___.”

6. A study published in 2003, aimed to evaluate the effects of carnitine supplementation on body composition, lipid profile, and fatigue in elderly subjects with ___ muscle fatigue. Clue: Speedy, quick.

8. Exhaustion criteria improved due to the carnitine intervention evidenced by the ___ association found between the carnitine group and self-report feelings of being more energetic. Clue: Your “other” i.e., companion, soulmate, partner.

11. A recent Malaysian clinical trial instructed subjects to take 500 mg carnitine, 3 x’s daily, for 10 weeks. Significant improvement was reported on the FI score and hand __ test. Clue: What people might tell you when reality seems to be fading ...” Get a ....”

13. The general conclusion of this article, provided convincing ___ that supplementation with carnitine had a favorable effect on the functional status and fatigue in pre-frail older adults. Clue: That which is necessary for informed decisions; that which informs us to act before it’s too late to intervene upon our own behalf.

14. If you see your fave grandmother losing ___, getting weaker, tired and lacking stamina, you might want to think about how this article might help her. Clue: Independence.


1. Geriatric frailty is challenging and complicated because of inadequate understanding of its biological ____. Clue: Causes, reasons underlying.

2. Frailty is a biological syndrome of ___ energy reserve and loss of the ability to adapt to stress. Clue: Discovering solutions to this kind of energy motivates many readers of our magazine (as well as Pearson/Shaw’s Life Extension News) to find nutritional answers.

3. In 9-16, we published an article showing that another form of carnitine, Propionyl L-Carnitine, could reduce intermittent claudication, a condition due to a walking-related, aching, ___ on-and-off pain caused by insufficient blood flow to the legs. Clue: A reason people get up nocturnally.

4. Carnitine is an important _____ to cellular energy metabolism according to a study published in 2003. Clue: Causal factor in the existence or occurrence of something.

7. The Fried criteria is an assessment of geriatric frailty & includes: Unintentional weight loss, Exhaustion, Dizziness, Muscle weakness, Slowness while walking, Low levels of activity. Clue: Which one doesn’t belong to this group?

9. JUST IN CASE you’re surfing the net for product, you need to know that acetyl L-carnitine does everything that regular carnitine does, plus it also can cross the blood/brain barrier & enhance cognitive functioning. Clue: True or False.

10. Wessely and Powell scores decreased significantly by 40% (physical fatigue) and 45% (mental fatigue) in subjects taking carnitine, compared with 11% and 8%, respectively, in the ___ group. Clue: You’ve heard of “fake” news, this is fake pill.

12. The 2003 study which resulted in significant improvements in total fat mass, muscle mass, total cholesterol and apoB, were based on a dose of __ mg of carnitine twice daily. Clue: Not one, but ___. Just in case you want to know the specifics of becoming more in charge of their aging education (numeral).


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