Galantamind Elevates Attention
2017: The Light of Possibility
by Dr. Joyce Block

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4. The Korean study encourages the role of combined administration of AChEI and citicoline in disease management by slowing ___ progression. Clue: The kind of progression that motivates you to be reading this magazine.

6. If yo­u don’t improve your ability to concentrate and enhance your powers of attention, how can you expect to keep up with the____ in advanced biomedical discoveries in 2017? Clue: What happens when you literally put your foot on the gas pedal?

7. Galantamine and choline are good for concentration and attention, especially when taken ___. Clue: Not alone.

9. Hypertension damages the blood vessel lining exposing collagen where platelets aggregate to initiate a repair. Reducing hypertension may be achieved with ___ bicarbonate supplementation. Clue: An ass between a pot and an “ium.”

11. In Alzheimer’s disease patients with cerebrovascular disease, galantamine elevates ___. Clue: Mindfulness.

12. When arteries supplying oxygen to the ___ are affected the result is one of a number of cerebrovascular diseases. Clue: The subject of the scarecrow’s musical lament.


1. The ways in which CDP-Choline can have beneficial effects on vascular cognitive decline include apoptosis inhibition, neuroplasticity potentiation, telepathy, phospholipid and acetylcholine (ACh) synthesis. Clue: Which effect does not belong?

2. The debilitating memory disruptions are even greater when cerebrovascular disease (CVD), is ____. Clue: After the past.

3. We now know that it is possible to increase the effects of an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, (_____), such as galantamine with the addition of choline alphoscerate or other choline donors. Clue: Acronym.

4. The Attention Questionaires Score (AQS) has ranges from 0 (severe attention deficit) to 30 (no attention deficit). This score was improved significantly at week 16 in the Korean study after taking 8 mg, 16, and 24 mg. of galantamine ___. Clue: every day.

5. Where is Professor Coyote and who created this scientific CSI anyway? Clue: Two names with no spaces in between.

8. Citicoline (aka CDP-Choline) can have beneficial effects both in degenerative and in vascular cognitive decline in a ___ of ways. Clue: many.

10. A 2008–9 Korean study on the effect of galantamine on attention in AD and CVD patients, resulted in a significant decrease in the Dementia Rating and the ___ Deterioration Score. Clue: comprehensive, overall.


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