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Volume 19 No. 8 • December 2017


Valuing is man’s emotional reaction to the various states of his environment, both that of the external world and that of the physiological condition of his own body. Man distinguishes between more and less desirable states, as the optimists may express it, or between greater and lesser evils, as the pessimists are prepared to say. He acts when he believes that action can result in substituting a more desirable state for a less desirable.

—Ludwig von Mises,
The Ultimate Foundation of Economic Science
(Foundation for Economic Education, 2002, pg. 38)

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble said he has “no concerns about Deutsche Bank, which means they are in deep trouble.

Under a negative [interest] rate scenario, the only participant receiving more cash over time is the government. The private sector slowly collapses as we are seeing in Japan and Europe in real time.

—Michael Green, Ice Farm Capital (D&S: And, indeed, as we are seeing in the United States ...)

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