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Volume 20 No. 1 • February 2017


There are a number of meanings of the word “check,” but, it is said in a recent article, they all come from the same root: the game of chess.

First, the game of chess itself: the king, in Persian, is shah, and shah mat means ‘the King is dead.’ In Russian, the game of chess is itself called shakhmaty, and “check” is said shakh. This becomes scaccus in Latin, and from there you get echec in French, chess in English, and lots of other forms in different languages. (Note that echec is also the French word for ‘failure’—and this also comes directly from the chess concept.

—Sasha Volokh, THE VOLOKH CONSPIRACY, The Washington Post, Jan. 1, 2017 (NOTE: The words in Persian, Russian, Latin, and French do not contain the pronunciation punctuation (marks above letters).

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