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ThyroPlex™ from Dr. Jonathan Wright contains glandular thyroid, adrenal, hypothalamic, pituitary, and testicular or ovarian tissue. Principal ingredients are derived from New Zealand livestock.

No case of mad cow disease has ever been reported in New Zealand, which has had stringent controls in place since 1989 to prevent this from occurring. As an extra precaution, we have our thyroid products tested by an independent laboratory in the United States to ensure that they are safe to use.

What’s the lowdown on low-dose thyroid?

According to a study conducted by James Isaacs, a pioneering cardiovascular surgeon in Baltimore, people who took 1/4 grain of thyroid over a period of 10 years had a significant improvement in cardiovascular function. (One serving of ThyroPlex contains the equivalent of 1/4 grain thyroid.)

Research also indicates that proper thyroid function is associated with:

  • Enhanced energy levels*
  • Enhanced libido function*
  • Improved memory function*
  • Elevated mood*

Who Should Use ThyroPlex?

Per Dr. Wright, this product is for you if you have no overt endocrine disease and are over 40 (because this is when all the endocrine glands are going to start slowing down).

ThyroPlex for Men™
30 capsules • Your price 16 oz. $22.92 • Factory Direct Price $26.97


ThyroPlex for Men
120 capsules • Your price 32 oz. $67.97 • Factory Direct Price $79.97


ThyroPlex for Women
30 capsules • Your price 32 oz. $22.92 • Factory Direct Price $26.97


ThyroPlex for Women
120 capsules • Your price 32 oz. $67.97 • Factory Direct Price $79.97


This mineral formula provides fully-reacted magnesium and potassium aspartate at doses backed by scientific human research. Common “magnesium aspartate” and “potassium aspartate” supplements are frequently blends of these forms with oxides, chlorides, and other inorganic salts. But not so with CardioBeat from Dr. Ward Dean!

Scientific studies show that true, fully-reacted magnesium and potassium aspartates at the CardioBeat doses provide support for maintaining important biological functions as well as normal structures in the human body.

Studies show that potassium aspartate plus magnesium aspartate can help support the electrical stability of the heart. Also, these aspartates help support:

♥ Normal cardiac function
♥ Normal heart rhythm function
♥ Normal heart muscle function
♥ Normal blood circulation.

Magnesium supports

♥ Proper muscle contraction function
♥ Proper relaxation function

Potassium helps

♥ Maintain a normal healthy heartbeat.

So be good to your heart with CardioBeat.

Cardio Beat™
90 capsules • Your price $10.17 • Factory Direct Price $11.97


In addition to offering support for your joints, new research indicates that freely available glucosamine also acts as an inhibitor of glycolysis, a process that helps with the cellular degradation of the sugar, glucose.* The yield from this process is higher levels of ATP, an energy source that helps support healthy blood glucose levels, mimicking a low carbohydrate diet and its effects for supporting long-term health.*

Glucosamine Boost™
90 capsules • Your price $6.76
Factory Direct Price $7.95


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