EDTA Chelation

I appreciate your recent article on EDTA Chelation therapy.

I have diffuse vascular calcification on CT and x-ray and am interested in therapy for this.

My question is, how can Calcium EDTA remove calcium from your vessels? It would seem the calcium liberated from the calcium-EDTA that’s absorbed or administered IV would be greater than any calcium removed from arteries.

Is calcium EDTA used in IV chelation therapy?

Thank you.

RANDY, San Antonio, TX

Dear Randy,

You ask a very good question. I’ve been a proponent of chelation therapy for over 30 years. Sodium EDTA (Na-EDTA) has been the mainstay of intravenous chelation therapy, but has been augmented in recent years by calcium EDTA (Ca-EDTA). Na-EDTA can be slightly irritating to the veins, and must be administered more slowly (usually, about 3 hours per treatment) versus Ca-EDTA which can be administered rapidly or even via IV push.

I believed, like you, that Ca-EDTA would be less effective than Na-EDTA in removing calcium, although it was purported to be more effective in removing other heavy metals.

However, a recent study conducted in Germany compared the efficacy of Na-EDTA versus Ca-EDTA in removal of heavy metals. Data from 600 patients over a ten-year period were analyzed for toxic and essential mineral removal using both Na-EDTA and Ca-EDTA. The results showed that Na-EDTA and Ca-EDTA were equally effective in removing lead from the body, while Ca-EDTA was more effective in chelating aluminum (see Table 1). Although the Ca-EDTA appeared to be even more effective than Na-EDTA in removing calcium, as you surmised, part of that calcium might have been from the CaEDTA itself.

Nevertheless, based on my clinical experience with both forms of EDTA, I believe that the clinical efficacy of both forms of EDTA is about the same.

Ward Dean, MD


  1. Mikirova N, Casciari J, Hunninghake R, Riordan N. EDTA chelation therapy in the treatment of toxic metals exposure. Spatula DD, 2011, 1(2): 81-89.

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