Progesterone Recommendations

Hello, Dr. Dean,

I recently read your article regarding natural progesterone, after browsing some of the work of Dr. John Lee ( 111-the-safe-and-effective-alternative-to-provera-natural-progesterone-by-gail-valentine-do)

However, the article does not state specific prescription names of natural progesterone. For my own research purposes, might you be so kind as to share the names of the natural progesterones so I may look them up and research them?

Thank you for your direction.

Respectfully Submitted,
Board Certified Chiropractic

Dear Dr. Goetz,

There are many over-the-counter topical natural progesterone products that are currently available. I believe they are of comparable high quality, if from reputable companies.

Provera, which was mentioned in the article, is a progestin—synthetic progesterone. Provera is not progesterone, and seems to cause many side effects that are relieved by natural progesterone.

There is a prescription form of natural progesterone, Prometrium, available in 100 and 200 mg capsules.

Hope this answers your questions,
Ward Dean, MD

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