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Citrulline Retards Aging
by Dr. Joyce Block

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3. Citrulline significantly improved ___ feelings of muscle fatigue and concentration immediately after exercise. Clue: Gut reactions or what people call their instinct; not objective evidence, but perception.

8. Citrulline treatment in male aged rats favorably modulates body composition and protects against lipid ______. Clue: The term for a biochemical process that went “viral” when Pearson/Shaw’s media appearances taught the world how to make life science intelligible.

9. Each time you do something hard, either physically or emotionally, try this! Conduct your own private rating of ____ exertion. It’s a fascinating way to think about your effort because it’s your mental map of experience that influences your motivation to engage in it.

10. ___ is the loss of muscle mass, strength, and performance. Clue: A component of the fraility syndrome.

12. Many human studies report that nitric oxide (__) improves sports performance. Clue: Acronym.

14. Acute citrulline supplementation in females increased upper- and lower body resistance in exercise performance and ____ RPE during upper-body exercise. Clue: Sometimes “less” is more.


1. What do the man and woman in this article have in common? Clue: What some have declared “the world’s healthiest food.”

2. Recently, researchers investigated the effect of oral citrulline supplementation on cycling time for___ men, finding that it reduced the time needed to complete a cycle ergometer exercise trial. Clue: An adjective that is highly likely a goal for all those who are reading this article.

4. Impaired metabolism and changes in body composition contribute greatly to declining health in the ___ population. Clue: The “having less tread” people; (unfortunately there are few complimentary words for this group in the dictionary).

5. When ____, oral citrulline and arginine increased plasma arginine levels more effectively in humans. Clue: “Together is better” (past tense).

6. Impaired _____ and changes in body composition contribute greatly to declining health in the elderly population. Clue: The chemical processes that occur within a living organism in order to maintain life.

7. Compared with the standard-diet group, citrulline supplementation was associated with lower mortality (0% vs. 20%), 9% higher___ body mass, and 13% lower fat mass. Clue: … and mean.

11. Citrulline is an amino acid present in the body and a ____ endogenous precursor of L-arginine. Clue: Powerful.

13. Studies suggest that chronic citrulline supplementation (for about 1___) is needed to enhance excercise tolerance. Clue: What you don’t want to be (clue is a homophone).


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