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Alluring Omega-3 offers high levels of marine Omega-3 oils that can improve your heart and brain functions, while at the same time boosting your mood.*

Alluring Omega-3 softgel caps are highly concentrated and purified. Containing 500 mg of DHA/cap, higher than krill or fish oils, Alluring has the clean pure smell of the pristine sea, and a great taste should you chew them, as some people do. With an added lemon flavor, any fishy aftertaste is diminished, as are fish “burps.”

Similar to eating fresh fish, Alluring provides a higher amount of DHA than EPA. Ordinary marine oil supplements contain more EPA than DHA and DHA is the preferred Omega-3 oil, especially for the brain. Alluring contains negligible amounts of saturated fats that are present in raw or low quality fish oil.

  • Alluring Omega-3 helps to:
  • Improve skeletal muscle function*
  • Support normal cardiovascular functions*
  • Provide nutritional support for healthy cholesterol levels*
  • Support neurotransmission by increasing the number of certain synapses*
  • Improve immune function*
  • Enhance memory function*
  • Improve positive mood*

Alluring Omega-3
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MALE from Dr. Jonathan V. Wright helps improve libido and sexual functions; it is a dietary supplement for better sexual health.*

But MALE is much more. Its broad array of nutrients and phytonutrients, contained in the same amounts used in scientific studies, have been shown to help:

  • Improve cardiovascular function*
  • Improve mental fitness*
  • Bolster energy levels*
  • Improve immune function*
  • Enhance growth hormone releasing function*
  • Support muscle and bone structure*
  • Improve urinary flow*
  • Increase staying power*
  • Strengthen erectile function*
  • Enhance testosterone function*

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Now you can utilize Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw’s MealMate, a special supplement formulation designed to help create a shift in your energy balance and enable you to check your weight.*

When taken with meals, MealMate helps to maintain healthy postprandial (after-meal) glucose and fat levels by controlling absorption of fat and glucose, reducing postprandial fat and glucose synthesis pathways, and increasing energy expenditure. Translated, this means less fat, less weight, and more energy. It is the increased levels of fat and glucose in the bloodstream following eating that cause most of their unhealthful effects as compared to their fasting levels, so for best health, our goal is to decrease excessive appearance of fat and glucose in the blood following meals.

It is noteworthy that in life extension studies in mammals, caloric restriction reduces glucose and insulin levels; hence, reducing glucose and insulin mimics at least these aspects of caloric restriction. In one caloric restriction study,* restriction of only carbohydrate calories resulted in similar effects compared to all-calorie-restriction, except that the animals with only carbohydrate calories restricted were stronger and had better muscle function in late middle age.

So with your next meal, don’t settle for mere food. Take the supplement that is at the exciting core of Durk & Sandy’s 21st Century Healthy Weight Program. Be sure to take charge of all their strategies, and start increasing your mitochondrial function today.

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As an adult, how often do you experience that kind of innocent sleep you knew as a child? Good sleep imparts a refreshing and stimulating attitude that physiologically and psychologically touches the core of youthfulness.

When we were young, our mothers’ “incantations” worked because we were biochemically young, producing hormones and neurotransmitters abundantly and releasing the right amounts in the right proportions at the right times.

Well, you can, in a sense, be more youthful again, by helping your body bolster its supplies of those same hormones and neurotransmitters … by supplementing with SleepTight, a rationally determined formulation that contains the right ingredients in the right amounts … that’s how.*

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