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AshwaCalm • Boswell Relief
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Now you can calm down with the ancient adaptogenic herb ashwagandha, standardized to 1.5% withanolides, so you can be sure it meets scientific standards and helps to:

  • Enhance attentiveness function*
  • Reduce feelings of fatigue*
  • Improve social functioning*
  • Boost vitality*
  • Augment calmness*
  • Lower stressful sensations*
  • Perk up overall quality of life*
  • Chase away the "blues"*
  • Obviate learned helplessness*
  • Mind-boost*
  • Supplement immune function*
  • And more

For 3,000 years, the teaching and practices of the Indian Ayurvedic have highly praised ashwagandha for its traditional uses to support good health on a wide number of frontiers. And now, with scientific studies chiming in, including the first to examine its ability to enhance calmness, we can heartily recommend AshwaCalm, to melt those feelings away that stand in the doorway of fulfillment.

Boswell Relief™ is an herbal formulation designed to help support proper bowel, lung, and joint function.* Its prime active ingredient is Boswellia, the fabled second gift of the Magi, the resin frankincense, celebrated as incense for thousands of years. But it is also a blessing in disguise for its most treasured use, as scientists are now substantiating: anti-inflammatory relief.*

Plus, the ingredients in Boswell Relief have been found to work well:

    Without the danger of irritation or ulceration of the stomach*

The herb Curcuma, also known as Turmeric, is the second ingredient in Boswell Relief and has recently been found to be helpful in many of the same ways, especially for helping to restore proper bowel function and to reduce inflammation elsewhere in the body.* Both ingredients are present in scientifically justified amounts.*

AshwaCalm & Boswell Relief
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