Our Devotion to Quality Control

t Life Enhancement Products, our commitment is to develop and manufacture the most advanced nutritional supplements and personal care formulations possible. We use our own products daily, because our highest goal is to enhance our own health and well-being, as well as those of our loved ones, our friends, and, of course, our customers. All our products (about 120 items) are supported by extensive scientific research, thoughtful development, superior ingredients, and fastidious manufacturing.

To ensure the highest quality, our laboratory and production facilities have been inspected and approved by life extension scientists and best-selling authors Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw®, who have won awards for their quality control achievements in the aerospace and other major industries. In addition to our own proprietary formulations, we are privileged to carry their products as well, including some that can be obtained nowhere else.

Lycopene granules, viewed at 100 x magnification.
Because we use our own products, we are passionate about quality. We purchase ingredients based on assay purity rather than price. Among our vendors are such respected companies as Hoffmann-La Roche (Switzerland), Merck (United States), and Ajinomoto (Japan).

Before adopting a new ingredient, we obtain samples, specification sheets, and certificates of analysis from different suppliers. We choose the one who can deliver the highest-quality material. Upon delivery, we quarantine all materials, pending analysis to verify their identity. We compare records of the color, odor, texture, and taste with similar records on file to ensure that these characteristics are unchanged. We examine the material under a digital microscope and compare it with images of a reagent-grade standard and of previous batches of the same material.

Only if the material passes all these tests do we accept it for use - with two exceptions. Materials from new vendors, or new materials from current vendors, are first sent to an independent testing laboratory for purity analysis as well as to characterize any inactive ingredients (such as stabilizers) and to rule out microbial contamination. These tests are also performed at random on materials not normally subject to this scrutiny.

When materials are ready to be blended in a product formulation, we use computerized bar-code data to verify the correct identity of each ingredient, and certified, computer-interfaced scales to verify the correct quantity. We also use bar coding to document every batch of every product.

Our production facility is environmentally controlled and air-filtered to protect the products from moisture and contamination. To maintain our quality standards, we send randomly selected samples of our products to independent laboratories for chemical analysis and microbial screening. And to ensure that you know what is in our products, we describe them in detail in our magazine and on this Web site.

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