The Longevity Boot Camp
Anti-Aging Super Conference

A Hands-On Workshop for Life Enhancement Enthusiasts

April 27-28, 2002 • Las Vegas, Nevada

n our ongoing effort to provide you, our customers, with cutting-edge information in the field of life extension, Life Enhancement Products has joined with the Maximum Life Foundation (a nonprofit organization) to bring you a comprehensive, intensive weekend course on anti-aging.

We have assembled a team of renowned experts who will help you create your own anti-aging program in a hands-on workshop. Until now, the only way to put the theories of life enhancement and extension into practice was to go it alone. Missing was the experience of having personal guidance from experts in the field - experts you can talk to, who can share with you the best of what is known and help you make that knowledge a practical reality.

This will be your opportunity to meet life extension scientists Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw, who have not appeared publicly in four years. Along with Dr. Ward Dean and eight other experts, Durk and Sandy will share their knowledge and expertise to help you slow down your aging process and begin to turn back your clock, perhaps by as much as 20 years!

When Durk and Sandy first talked about the prospects for life extension on national TV 23 years ago, many minds were turned, and a new paradigm was established. They drew a huge audience and ultimately sold over 2 million copies of their book, Life Extension: A Practical Scientific Approach. Their message was direct and compelling: It is possible to slow, halt, and even reverse the aging process. And it's possible to enhance and extend life NOW!

It often takes a generation for new ideas to catch fire, and dramatic advances in the nutritional sciences have finally caught up with the promise of Durk and Sandy's book. Public acceptance is also ready to ramp up, because aging baby boomers are not inclined to accept aging and disease as normal. Boomers have championed the self-help movement, but a self-help seminar and workshop on anti-aging has not been created . . . until now.

If you are dedicated to life enhancement and life extension, you owe it to yourself to participate in this conference and take your personal program to the next level. Sign up for The Longevity Boot Camp today!

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