Second Opinions Available from Major Hospitals

The Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw®
Life Extension NewsTM
Volume 6 No. 5 • November-December 2003

Second Opinions Available from Major Hospitals

An article in Internet Medicine1 reports on the availability of online second opinions from some highly respected hospitals, including Massachusetts General Hospital (source of the difficult diagnostic puzzles analyzed in most issues of The New England Journal of Medicine), Cleveland Clinic, Brigham and Women’s Hospitals, and Johns Hopkins. The Wall Street Journal says, according to the article, that the second opinions are "surprisingly comprehensive and provide patients with alternative treatment recommendations." The cost is around $600 per opinion. You need to supply pertinent medical records, including diagnostic images and test results. The article gives the address only for the Cleveland Clinic online second opinions (; you can contact the other hospitals directly for further information.

  1. Major hospitals offer virtual second opinions; physicians still skeptical about online consulting. Internet Med, pp 1-3, October 2003.

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