Why We’re Different
Why We’re Different

ou have many choices when it comes to nutritional supplements. Why, then, should you choose Life Enhancement Products? Please take a moment to read on, and we’ll explain some of the reasons why we are different, and the advantages to you. Many people shop for their vitamins and other supplements strictly by price—but we urge you to consider fully the possible dangers of discount products that you would ingest. Do you want to take that chance? Undesirable residues, impurities, and byproducts can accompany ingredients that have not been carefully cultivated or manufactured and then tested.

To be sure, everyone likes to find a good price. But all ingredients are not the same, and all nutritional supplement companies are not the same. When you consider the added value of doing business with a focused manufacturer dedicated to the latest and best research in life enhancement, and of working with a group of caring professionals who have a passion for innovation and who deliver close, personal attention to your individual concerns, we think you’ll join the growing legions of Life Enhancement enthusiasts around the world.


We never compromise on quality—and neither should you. Our laboratory and production facilities have been inspected and approved by life extension scientists and best-selling authors Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw®, who have won awards for their quality control achievements. Our registered, state-of-the-art production facility is environmentally controlled and air-filtered to protect products from moisture and contamination, meeting and often exceeding standard Good Manufacturing Practices.

We purchase ingredients based on assay purity rather than price. Among our vendors are such respected companies as Hoffmann-La Roche (Switzerland), Merck (USA), and Ajinomoto (Japan). We use computerized barcode data to verify the correct identity of each ingredient, and certified, computer-interfaced scales to verify the exact quantity. Lot Codes document every batch of every product. To maintain our quality standards, we send randomly selected samples of our products to independent laboratories for chemical analysis and microbial screening. And to ensure that you know what is in our products, we describe them in detail in our magazine and catalog and on our Web site.


Innovation is our driving force. Every month we publish the latest scientific research on health and anti-aging discoveries in Life Enhancement magazine. Life Enhancement Products is not just another run-of-the-mill vitamin house. We have been the first company to market many nutritional supplements. No one else can make all these claims. We continue to be the most innovative and progressive company within the life extension industry. Life extension supplementation has been our passion for nearly two decades, and each year we continue to introduce new products based on the latest scientific research.


We are the manufacturer. That means that when you order from our headquarters in Petaluma, California, not only are you are assured of receiving the freshest product possible, but you’ll also receive it quickly. Phone orders received by 3 p.m. are shipped the same day. Our online resources (www.life-enhancement.com) include a fast and convenient ordering system, free monthly newsletter, special Web promotions, links to resellers in your area, and an extensive, searchable library of ten years of articles and research covering many health interests and concerns.

We take pride in delivering personal service to each of our customers, on every order. Our knowledgeable customer service professionals are here to help you six days a week. Our resources include an extensive library, an on-site staff nutritionist, well-respected scientific advisors, and a team of medical writers with a combined track record of many years. Call us—we’ll work with you to develop a program that suits your needs. You are more than just a number to us—we want you to be a customer for life!

So the next time you see a company offering you free cars or vacations, or prices that seem too good to be true on the supplements they want you to ingest . . . please read between the lines. We think you’ll come to appreciate that we’re as serious about your health as you are.

Thanks for your patronage!

The Staff of Life Enhancement Products

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