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Join us for a Life Enhancement Symposium featuring a rare appearance of ...

Life Extension Scientists
Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw 
March 22nd - 24th in Las Vegas at the Platinum Hotel


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At the Symposium Durk & Sandy will discuss ...

  • An amazing new antioxidant: powerful, safe, selective, natural, active everywhere (including your brain and mitochondria), and available now!
  • The signal transduction pathway revolution in biology  the radical transformation from traditional empiricism to 21st century mechanistic engineering.  New biotech tools have lead to exquisitely precise methods of treating complex diseases by controlling the pathways that cause them and how multi-pronged attacks may be effective against the most deadly of them. It is a conceptually new way of treating complex age related diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and brain degeneration.  
  • The eye-opening discovery that animal cells share many of the same signaling and control pathways with plant cells, and how scores of long known plant ingredients are not mere antioxidants    they are new dietary supplement tools for controlling your cells with unprecedented precision and effectiveness. How the presence of epidermal growth factor receptors in your lawn will change your life.
  • New knowledge of the regulation of your body's on-off switches for genetic expression and epigenetic modification (such as methylation) by natural products determines function and can be used to both prevent and target diseases.
  • Why the availability of this new knowledge combined with the latest First Amendment victories following Pearson & Shaw versus Shalala promisees to free us from the stagnation of government regulated "healthcare"

Press Release for the Life Enhancement Symposium


This exciting Symposium offers brilliant presentations by:

  • Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw, authors of Life Extension, a Practical Scientific Approach
  • Ward Dean, MD, author of Biological Aging Measurements and Smart Drugs & Nutrients
  • Terry Grossman, MD, co-author of Fantastic Voyage and Transcend, (Nine Steps to Living Well Forever) with Ray Kurzweil
  • Richard Kaufman, PhD, author of the Age Reduction System
  • Will Block, publisher of Life Enhancement magazine, and author of The 5-HTP Archives
  • Bill Andrews, leader of the team at Geron Corporation to first identify human telomerase
  • And more (to be announced)

Find out what you want to know about ...

  • The latest in health supplements
  • Up-to-date knowledge about health and medical research
  • Innovative products related to enhancing life
  • Which products and treatments are conducive to extending life
  • New lifespan-enhancing developments taking place around the planet
  • How medical tourism holds options for optimal health and regenerative medicine
  • What changes in these areas to expect in the coming months and years
  • How to use therapies to regenerate new tissue and leapfrog yourself into the future
  • Taking advantage of new opportunities for vigorous health


Speak to and hear from some of the greatest experts in the field and advance your personalized Life Enhancement and Life Extension program.  Find out how to add years to your life and life to your years.
Enjoy two nights and two days in glamorous Las Vegas at the Platinum Hotel and meet new friends.

The entire program is only $299, and includes all presentations and meals (except alcoholic beverages). Our special room rate is just $149/night.  Call 1-877-211-9211 for reservations and mention Life Enhancement.

Early-Bird special: register now and receive an added 10% off, just $269.

Don't miss this extraordinary event.  Your life may depend on what you learn.

Limited space available -  Sign up today!

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View a special overview of the Symposium by Will Block

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