Cognitive Enhancement

Dramatic shifts in cognitive functions such as learning, memory, attention and motor performance are produced by alterations in brain neurotransmission. Important to neurotransmission are proper acetylcholine levels and appropriate blood flow to bring adequate oxygen and nutrients to the brain. We provide a wide variety of products, both separately and in synergic combinations, which have been found to support these important functions

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Picture of BLAST Caps w/Phenylalanine & other cofactors
BLAST Caps w/Phenylalanine & other cofactors

$29.96 $20.97

Picture of FastBLAST™

$37.84 $26.49

Picture of InnerPower™  w/ Sweet Stevia
InnerPower™ w/ Sweet Stevia

$64.24 $44.97

Picture of Turmeric Root Power by Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw™
Turmeric Root Power by Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw™

$28.53 $19.97

Picture of GalantaMind Plus™ 4mg 180 caps—Premier Signature Line
GalantaMind Plus™ 4mg 180 caps—Premier Signature Line

$169.96 $118.97

Picture of WOW™

$57.07 $39.95

Picture of Lithium Plus
Lithium Plus

$8.50 $5.95

Picture of InsuLife-B by Dr. Jonathan V. Wright™—Premier Signature Line
InsuLife-B by Dr. Jonathan V. Wright™—Premier Signature Line

$85.67 $59.97

Picture of InnerPower™ w/ Xylitol
InnerPower™ w/ Xylitol

$64.24 $44.97

Picture of DHEA Original™ 25mg
DHEA Original™ 25mg

$10.84 $7.59

Picture of DHEA Original™ 100 mg
DHEA Original™ 100 mg

$35.50 $24.85

Picture of BLAST™

$38.53 $26.97

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Supplements for Memory "Loss"

Over time, the effects of too little sleep, aging, and the stress of a busy life can impair both your cognitive and memory functions. It may seem as if your memory has been "lost." While many try to combat these effects with stimulants like caffeine, these only provide a temporary lift, and come with a host of unwanted side effects. Instead of masking the symptoms, why not improve the underlying problems instead?

Life Enhancement has teamed up with scientists Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw® to develop a full line of products designed to improve and enhance your cognitive function, which spans not only memory, but attention, learning, problem solving, decision making, and reasoning. Our formulas are carefully tested to ensure that they are safe and meet your needs. Often taking cues from historical findings, our scientists use their knowledge of the human body to create formulas based on scientific studies. They give real results.

Supplements such as InnerPower™ and InnerPower Plus™ can improve the functions of your hypothalamus and pituitary gland, leaving you feeling more energized. When paired with supplements such as BLAST™ and FastBLAST™, which increase neurotransmitter production to help to improve memory function, you can notice a real difference in your day-to-day cognitive abilities.

Instead of settling for poorly designed energy drinks or caffeine pills that provide only a short burst of energy followed by a mental crash, consider products that have been developed using real science. Other sources can leave you feeling jittery, and carry the threat of weight gain from all the extra sugar and calories these drinks usually contain. If you rely on products like caffeine, you may also experience the symptoms of addiction. With Life Enhancement products, these are concerns you no longer have to consider. We carefully test all products to ensure that as long as the proper dosage recommendations are followed, you will notice no negative side effects from their use.

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