Dog's Best Friend Canine Core Essentials™

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Preserve & Safeguard Your Dog’s Health

D ogs can capture our heart and soul. Whether keeping a watchful eye on things or just being a playful companion, dogs are what often hold our lives together. So nothing could be more appropriate than turning our focus to the care and wellbeing of these wonderful, always loyal animals. It is sad, but until recently it was an inescapable reality that the quality of a dog’s health and happiness would decline quickly with the reduced agility of age. Fortunately, we have found that certain nutritional supplements can help preserve hip, joint, muscle and digestive structure and functions.

By joining forces with an advanced group of nutritional scientists, veterinarians, trainers, and handlers, Life ­Enhancement has been able to design, develop, test, and introduce Dog’s Best Friend Canine Core Essentials, a hip, joint, ­muscle, and digestion formula for your dog.

This pharmaceutical-grade dietary supplement is designed to provide your dog with high levels of bioavailable nutrients that can make a startling difference, helping to:

  • Provide complete and effective joint support
  • Maintain healthy cartilage to cushion joints
  • Maintain healthy muscle structure and function
  • Provide advanced digestive function support
  • Enhance overall health

Dog’s Best Friend Canine Core Essentials hip, joint, muscle and digestion formula addresses your dog’s most fundamental needs with glucosamine, a substance known from scientific studies to be supportive of proper hip and other joint functions, and a truly bioavailable low-molecular weight form of chondroitin, especially valuable when used in combination with glucosamine. Then there’s hyaluronic acid, an important component of joint cartilage, and the principal constituent of synovial fluid, which bathes and lubricates all our dogs' synovial joints. Unlike chondroitin, its bioavailablility is greatly improved when provided in the high-molecular weight form, enabling it to get where it’s needed. The formula also contains saponin- and polyphenolic-enriched ­yucca extract (yucca schidigera), Boswellin (boswellia serrata) for joint support, citrulline malate for muscle support, special digestive enzymes de­signed to survive the high acid stomachs of dogs, vitamin D3, and the minerals manganese, molybdenum, and ­copper. Considering the crucial importance we place on preserving and protecting the mobility in our pets' precious joints, their muscles, and their digestive systems, it’s worth taking advantage of the state-of-the-art nutrition to ensure the continued health of your dog. There is no ­finer product available for your dog that can make all these claims!

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