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Living HairTM is a hair maintenance system created by Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw®, the result of which is a shampoo/nutrient combination comprised of Inner Shampoo and Root Food II that provides vitamins, minerals, and amino acids used by hair to grow and look thicker and healthier.

INNER SHAMPOO is the result of twenty years of research to develop a pure conditioning, non-foaming, nutrient shampoo. It works to penetrate deep into the hair shaft and bind with the cysteine in the hair, strengthening limp hair below the surface. Combine it with the supplement Root Food.

Suggested Use: For regular use: Wet hair thoroughly with warm water. Then, for short hair, apply INNER SHAMPOO. For longer hair, wet hands first and mix shampoo with ample water to reduce viscosity. Gently stroke diluted INNER SHAMPOO down the long strands of hair; optionally combing through. Do not try to lather or massage, or hair may tangle. Leave on for one minute and then rinse with comb under running water. For best results: Use daily. Apply undiluted INNER SHAMPOO to dry scalp and gently massage. Leave for three minutes, then follow the above instructions "for regular use." Blow dry for maximum body and fullness.

Ingredients: Polysorbate 80, water, sodium isostearoyl lactylate, imidazolidinyl urea, isopropyl paraben, isobutyl paraben, n-butylparaben, phenoxy ethanol.

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