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Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw’s 21st Century Healthy Weight Program can help you …

Balance Your Energy
And Your Weight

Now you can utilize Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw’s MealMate, a special supplement formulation designed to help create a shift in your energy balance and enable you to check your weight.*

When taken with meals, MealMate helps to maintain healthy postprandial (after-meal) glucose and fat levels by controlling absorption of fat and glucose, reducing postprandial fat and glucose synthesis pathways, and increasing energy expenditure. Translated, this means less fat, less weight, and more energy. It is the increased levels of fat and glucose in the bloodstream following eating that cause most of their unhealthful effects as compared to their fasting levels, so for best health, our goal is to decrease excessive appearance of fat and glucose in the blood following meals.

It is noteworthy that in life extension studies in mammals, caloric restriction reduces glucose and insulin levels; hence, reducing glucose and insulin mimics at least these aspects of caloric restriction. In one caloric restriction study (Zangarelli et al., 2006),* restriction of only carbohydrate calories resulted in similar effects compared to all-calorie-restriction, except that the animals with only carbohydrate calories restricted were stronger and had better muscle function in late middle age.

So with your next meal, don’t settle for mere food. Take the supplement that is at the exciting core of Durk & Sandy’s 21st Century Healthy Weight Program. Be sure to take charge of all their strategies, and start increasing your mitochondrial function today.

Say check mate to weight with MealMate!

Each capsule of MealMate contains:
20 mg Resveratrol for enhanced PGC-1alpha activity and enhanced mitochondria*
100 mg Grape seed extract for healthy cholesterol levels, insulin function, and weight guidance*
100 mg Purple corn color (anthocyanins) for healthy insulin function and weight dominion*
1 mg Chromium polynicotinate for healthy cholesterol levels and muscle tissue*
25 mg 7-Keto®—a naturally occurring metabolite of DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) called 3-acetyl-7-oxo-DHEA—for healthy weight supervision; 7-Keto® cannot be converted to testosterone or estradiol or to other androgens or estrogens*

Suggested Use: Take 1-2 capsules with meals, and optionally 1-2 capsules at bedtime, for a total of 3-8 capsules daily.

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