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For Men and Women

Now You Can Have the Look and Feel of

Younger Skin

New Feeling is a revolutionary new Designer Food™ skin-care formulation designed by award-winning scientists Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw, authors of the million-plus-copy, #1 best-seller Life Extension: A Practical Scientific Approach. New Feeling is a proprietary formulation of the finest alpha-hydroxy acids (fruit acids), nutrient amino acids, vitamins, essential growth-regulating nutrients, free-radical scavengers and protectants, antimicrobials, and other beneficial skin-care ingredients. This product is used every day by Durk & Sandy.

Durk & Sandy’s New Feeling is the culmination of thousands of hours of research to develop a skin-care formulation for softening and smoothing fine lines, age spots, and blemishes, and for improving the look and feel of dry, aging skin.

Just as revolutionary, Living Skin is an antioxidant/moisturizer intended to complement the use of New Feeling as it works synergistically to produce, maintain, and enhance the look and feel of youthful skin. Living Skin is unscented and will not conflict with colognes or perfumes.

Directions:FOR ADULTS ONLY. Use every day. (For maximum penetration, use NEW FEELING after you shower, bathe, or hot tub.) Simply squirt a little NEW FEELING into the palm of your hand. Use the fingertips of your other hand to massage NEW FEELING into your skin (do not rub into eyes).

The Final Touch:When the NEW FEELING is almost dry, very gently caress your skin with dry fingertips, thereby transforming the shine into a beautiful eggshell matte finish, which will immediately help to hide fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes via an optical stealth effect. The pleasant, faint aroma of baked bread and roses comes from functional ingredients in NEW FEELING; no perfume is added. You may also use NEW FEELING on your neck, arms, elbows, hands, thighs, legs, knees, chest, stomach, back, and buttocks. Do not use NEW FEELING on the soles of your feet since it is extremely slippery when wet or re-wet.

When using with water-resistant sunscreen, apply sunscreen first, followed by NEW FEELING. NEW FEELING may be used under cosmetics.

Caution: FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. Keep out of eyes to prevent stinging; wash with plenty of cool water if this occurs. Do not use on injured or diseased skin. For skin medical problems, see a doctor or dermatologist. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Extremely slippery when wet or re-wet. Do not expose NEW FEELING to high temperatures for long periods of time or leave bottle in the sun, since this may cause some potency to be lost. NEW FEELING is a formulation of the finest alpha hydroxy acids (fruit acids), nutrient amino acids, vitamins, essential growth regulating nutrients, free radical scavengers, chelating agents, moisturizers, penetration aids, skin protectants, antimicrobials, and other beneficial skin care ingredients. NEW FEELING was designed by scientists Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw for their own personal daily use.

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