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New from Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw, PUMPING IRON for …

Advanced Iron Support

M ost people know that humans have to get iron in their diets because it is needed as a crucial part of the hemoglobin molecule to transport oxygen to your tissues.* But there are many other important uses of iron, such as synthesis of DNA, RNA, and proteins; electron transport; cellular respiration; cell proliferation and differentiation; and regulation of gene expression.*

There are many different chemical forms of iron available, but which one is best? This is not a trivial question, because iron is not easy to absorb and because of iron’s proclivity for generating damaging free radicals.*

Fortunately, clever scientists developed a fine substitute: a succinylated iron protein complex. Succinic acid is a natural substance found in every cell that binds iron.* This succinate bound iron is then wrapped in a protective casein lactose-free milk protein shell. The casein is resistant to dissolution by acid in your stomach but can be digested away by alkaline proteases in your duodenum and intestines, slowly releasing the complexed and bioavailable iron succinylate.* Although there is oxygen in your stomach, your duodenum and intestines generally contain much less oxygen, thereby limiting iron redox cycling between its ferrous and ferric states, which in turn limits the undesirable and potentially irritating free radical production.* The result is superior iron bioavailability and better gastric tolerance.*

Durk & Sandy have added generous quantities of both folic acid (600 µg) and vitamin B12 (200 µg,) to the iron protein succinylate (386 mg, containing 18 mg iron which is 100% of the adult Daily Value) in each capsule. These vitamins are recognized to support and normalize red blood cells and hemoglobin in your blood.* They have also added vitamin C (200 mg) in the form of non-acidic calcium ascorbate to further facilitate iron uptake.*

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