ShapeShifter Teas by Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw

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There are three strategies that constitute
Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw’s®

Shift into a New Shape

Durk & Sandy’s 21st Century Healthy Weight Program involves several strategies. The first requires selecting low-glycemic-index foods, including their Glycemic Control products, to lower the glycemic index of your diet. It is important to state that not all calories are alike; different foods are processed differently by your body, with different consequences. Another key idea of their program is to help you feel full, making their program far easier to live with for the rest of your life.

Their second strategy employs a special cocktail of rare teasPu-erh and Darjeeling Green—laboriously selected for their health- and weight-management properties, when used in conjunction with their first-strategy diet and an exercise program.†

Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw’s ShapeShifter Teas represents the culmination of Durk & Sandy’s investigation of several healthy-weight mechanisms reported in studies of various types of tea. It embodies their choices of the best varieties of these teas for weight management, when used with their entire program.

The multitude of different teas contain various combinations of bioactive ingredients, including: polyphenols; gallated and nongallated catechins; tannins; and monomers, oligomers, and polymers of tea catechins, to name a few. The biological effects of each tea depend on the different “cocktail” of its ingredients and on their chemical interactions.

Among the mechanisms possessed by the most productive of these teas are those that serve the goals of Durk & Sandy’s program to . . .

  • Reduce fat synthesis‡
  • Increase energy expenditure‡
  • Inhibit alpha-glucosidase‡
  • Inhibit lipase‡
  • Upregulate PGC-1alpha (enhancing thermogenesis, mitochondrial biogenesis, and increased antioxidant defenses)‡
  • Increases naïve T lymphocytes and reduces memory lymphocytes‡
  • Enhances NK cells and CD8 T cells activities, while reducing inflammatory marker IL-6‡

ShapeShifter Teas incorporates all of these positive mechanisms, and possibly more.

To sum up, Durk & Sandy have developed another formulation for their own personal use, to help manage their weight when used with a low-glycemic-index diet and, ideally, exercise combined with InnerPower™ or InnerPower Plus™ to improve muscle function and to increase the creation of mitochondria.

Durk has lost 35 lbs using the strategies of the entire program. Others have lost considerable weight, but results will vary. It is important to note that the use of their teas will have absolutely no effect if you are on a typical high-glycemic-index American diet. Mere calorie restriction rarely works (over 90% of those who lose weight on such a diet regain it all within a year—a change in dietary composition is necessary!).

Start with the first strategy of their 21st Century Healthy Weight Program; then add tea and see … the robust benefits of ShapeShifter Teas! Money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

How to Use ShapeShifter Teas

Durk brews his next day’s 3 servings of Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw’s® ShapeShifter Teas™ the night before and leaves the batch out at room temperature overnight to allow certain natural chemical reactions to take place between many different molecules in the teas.

He drinks a serving of ShapeShifter Teas when he gets up in the morning. He waits 15 minutes after drinking it if he is going to eat breakfast.

He drinks another serving before lunch and then a third serving in late afternoon or early evening, a couple of hours before dinner.

†The Federal Trade Commission has stated that it is impossible to lose weight other than through calorie restriction and exercise.

‡References too numerous to include—available on request. The combined elements of a low-glycemic-index diet and ShapeShifter Teas have not been clinically tested, nor are they ever likely to be clinically tested, owing to the enormous costs involved and to the impossibility of recouping such costs on products that cannot be patented.

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